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. >> so if we can defeat the germans in world war ii, i guess the n.r.a. is supposed to be-- is that what he's saying? >> right, he's giving himself a little bit of wiggle room. i didn't exactly compare the nra to the nazis, stew $them in the same spot and let the audience sort it out. we're sure to see, on gun owners opponents of gun control and language when you see words likenazis. george orwell in 1946 a famous essay, the word fascism should only be used for people with hitler and-- that was 1946, 70 years later we're still doing it. >> jon: do you see it differently, judy? >> not really, i thought that schieffer was very close to the line of advocacy as opposed to reading the news and being straight about a news story. i do think that even though there was no direct comparison there's clearly an inference that the n.r.a. is equivalent to the nazis and raises questions whether or not he wasn't just a little too opinionat opinionated. >> jon: if the president said there would be outrageous claims ginning up fear among gun owners. >> yeah. >> jon: or among the population. >> i do think
. >> jon: well, that was what the vice-president had to say on wednesday, the day before meeting with the n.r.a. his comments got a lot of reaction, jim, from second amendment proponents, but not so much in the media. >> well, you know, this is vice-president biden's chance to shine, as he prepares himself for the 2016 nomination, nomination quest. i would say this though, that on friday, politico reported the white house might be backing off on the all weapons ban, as not pushing it forward, which i think is quite significant. and it could be that the country see the issue differently than for example the mainstream media, as do the country, for example, might relate to the story of melinda herman, the woman in georgia, who shot an intruder in his house five times and then, obviously, needed more bullets because the guy wasn't dead yet and needed a bigger clip, and i think the media were really doing a job. donny herman, the husband, the coolest customer on the phone with 9/11 and his wife the same time. remember this, this, and this, as we talked about and they'd be household names and oddly,
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)

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